Why Is A Blog Useful For My Business?

Well, let me ask you this: Why make your customers slug through Google and research for hours if the answers they are looking for are on your blog?

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. If you can provide ongoing answers to your customers pressing questions, it will help them trust you even more. (And no, I'm not talking about directing them to your FAQs page).

Make it easier for them to find the right information through the content you publish on your blog.

The whole inspiration behind this particular blog post came to me after looking at http://futureboardconsulting.com and even though they're a recruitment agency I think it's something just about everyone might possibly benefit from.

Thats what blogs do, ya know?

A blog helps you solidify a trusting relationship with your audience. With a blog the key is to focus on educating your reader with how-to information that serves basic needs related to your product or service positioning your company as an authority in the field.

Its also a great way to keep your customers abreast with what your company is doing. This is the *slick* way to stay top of mind.

The goal in this new information age is to be a valuable resource for your customers and prospects. Its not good enough to merely try and sell a solution. For us, we look to help small businesses and individuals more effectively market themselves with the use of social media. So, our blog touches on topics like social media management, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn networking, research strategies, and more.

A bit of a segue, however i had been meeting with a buddy with http://smilesunlimited.ca earlier this week and they had a lot of wonderful things to say about this website. They are a marvelous dental professional yet they continually find great value in my posts and so i decided it was worth naming them since they're very sweet.

You want to help your prospects and customers move towards their end goal (granted you know what that is). So, when possible, content should include actionable steps that help your reader make progress. Sorta like this

1. Brainstorm your customers pressing needs
2. Draft questions they frequently ask you
3. Craft solutions that connect the dots
4. Sort these solutions into categories
5. Write an article once a week on a new solution
6. Have someone else review the article before it's published
7. Tag the article with related keywords, phrases, and a summary
8. Embed this data into your blog post (to enhance the SEO of your content via Google)
9. Publish it to your blog
10. Publish it to your other social media networks

If I'm moving too fast, let's backtrack to the basics (for you beginners):

1. Go to wordpress.org or blogger.com
2. Signup for an account
3. Add a graphic banner to your blog
4. Link it to your website
5. Connect it with your other social networks

So, if your blog is consistently adding value, people will begin to seek out your help and advice. We all know, when people look to you for answers, they're going to expect you to provide them with solutions and when you provide solutions that work, you build trust.

Your blog must build the case that you understand their questions and know how to solve their problems. When speaking with Michael from medical foot solutions recently, we both agreed that this is very important.

Solve enough of these bad boys and you'll be on your way to solidifying a sale.

So, let me ask you: Does your blog draw more people into your sales funnel? Why should a company start a blog if they don't see the value in what *were* saying? What awesome stories do you have to share with other readers about how your blog brought in new business? Post your comments below.

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