Best Mobile Marketing Tools and Apps to get in touch with customers

Want to create your own collection so this way you can send beautiful letterheads or invitations which match your business layout? With RedStamp, you can really make an impression with current clients. Send thank you notes and use their mobile services. Their fee is just $4.99 monthly for unlimited digital sharing.


Swipely is wonderful for those who want to accept mobile payments. Their program works easily with credit or debit cards which the consumer may use if they want to buy a service or produce from your business. You can also have invites sent to your customers which have them sign up for the program just from a text message.


TextUs.Biz will allow your business to send or receive texts directly from customers. Recently, Time magazine revealed a poll which revealed 32% of individuals prefer texting instead of calling a business. The first 100 messages are free for new businesses that sign up.


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Everyone loves Facebook because it is viral. This is why so many consumers use it on a daily basis. In recent online research, they found that the average Facebook user will log in at least fourteen times a day to see what's going on. Every business should have a Facebook page.

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