Small Business Marketing Tips Are you contacting your customers?

As a marketer, one of the things business owners say that continues to astound me is, "My customers don't want to hear from us."

I normally like to ask how they know this. Think about it they never contact their customers but they somehow know the customers don't want to hear from them. One of my niches is the independent insurance and large numbers of them seem terrified about contacting clients.

As part of my service, I conduct customer surveys for clients. I always ask those I'm surveying if it would be okay to contact them with updates, sales, new products or services they may be interested in. Over 90% of them say, "Sure!"

Why the big disparity? There are a couple of factors at work here. One is "Salesman syndrome," which is having a negative image of themselves as a salesperson. Another thing is that it's an excuse to avoid taking the time to do the work. Finally, it's ignorance about the benefits of keeping in touch with clients.

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The Direct Marketing Association did a study about this issue. They showed that for every month that passed without a company contacting a customer, there's a 10% reduction in loyalty to the company. If you don't contact your customers for 6 months, 60% of their loyalty is gone. Wait a year and they most likely could care less about your company!

That's pretty amazing, isn't it? Let me go back to the business owners who tell me their clients don't want to hear from them, they also tell me they have incredible client loyalty. Let's add things up No contact + no follow-up + no thank you notes + no special offers to clients + no email communications + no newsletter + no phone calls = client loyalty.

For some reason, the math doesn't work for me and it won't for you.

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