5 Branding Beginners Common Missteps To Avoid

I've been there myself, this important moment of your business history when you thought: "OK, and what about my branding?" We we're all once a branding beginner, if we aren't still one. You have a lot of questions going on in your head and you don't know where to begin.

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Before giving up on the idea of having your own unique branding, read those 5 branding beginners common missteps.This could help you avoid the worst before you even get started!

1. Underestimating the power of your branding -

"I don't need branding right now";

Oh god, you ALWAYS need branding. It's like saying: "Bah.. don't need personality anyway." You're probably in business because you have something new to offer, this special thing that make you unique on the market.

Not building your branding at the very begining of your business is like wanting to get lost in a crowd. You're not the only one out there who wants to make money with a business. How a customer will choose you instead of a competitor? It's by noticing that you exist and in order to do that, you have to proove him, at the first impression, that you're worth his trust and that you're pro!

Only branding can do that for you. Still want to skip the branding step?

2. Doing your graphic identity yourself, if you're not a designer -

"Bleh costs too much";

It's true, you can try to heal yourself if you're not a doctor. But you won't have the expertise to know exactly what's going wrong in your body. And this is why you can do your graphic identity yourself, but it might be not the good thing to do.

Design is a question of expertise and experience. You have other things to do than follow the graphic fashion of the season, but a designer don't. He will exactly know what you want and create and identity that not only reflect who you are, but which is also trendy! I don't think you can do that.

3. Thinking that branding isn't worth money -

"Oh come on! It's just some drawing!";

I cringe everytime I hear that. Just some drawing?

It's, indeed, not easy to measure the real effectiveness of branding, just as public relation. But think of that:

- You need a good branding to have a good public recognition.

- You need a good public recognition to shine in the crowd.

- You need to shine in the crowd to attract clients.

- You need clients to make money.

Investing in branding is investing directly in your business. It may take a while before you see the result, but you'll be happy you've done this at first.

4. Not being consistent in your message -

"Doesn't matter, it's just an email!";

Aie aie aie! Nothing is "just" something. An email is a quick way to contact someone, but it's also a way to communicate your professionalism, your coolness, your "ol ol" side or whatever makes you who you are.

In the first article of branding basis, I told you that you need to define your values. For exemple, if you choose, as an accounting, that your business must inspire trust and respect, you can't write an email full of typos and slang! The same rule applies if you have a Facebook page. You won't post any private and silly things on your wall because you wan't your customer to see that you are serious! See what I mean?

Your values and attitudes are not just words you put on your about page, you have to stick to them in whatever you're doing.

5. Trying to be on every media -

"Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Branch, LinkedIn, MySpace".

As an entrepreneur myself, I know what you live. You don't have time to be everywhere you might want. But media presence isn't just about the time, it's about the public of this media. Think of Facebook: it's clearly not the same public as Pinterest! People on Facebook wants to show who they are by their status and by their profile unlike the people on Pinterest who wants to see beautiful pictures and show to the world that they have great taste.

Everything is a question of target audience. Don't try to be everywhere because it's trendy. Ask yourself first if it's useful for you to take a big chunk of your time doing PR on social media and if it will brings you money. If not, you're wasting your time dear.


You'll face many difficulties building your business and branding is often one of them. Never take the easy way out and skimp on your branding. You don't want to have a soulless business.


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