Freelancer working at home

As a freelancer working at home, your reputation for excellence will be your calling card.

1) Be professional and courteous. Make sure you provide your clients with the services they expect from a professional freelancer. Just because you work in your pajamas does not mean you have to reflect that attitude in your interactions with your clients.

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2) Easy to contact. Your clients may have questions or changes in how they want their work done. If they are always able to get in contact with you when they have comments or concerns, you will be the first they think.

3) Be flexible. Sometimes a job will need to be resolved quickly. Sometimes it will require revision. Remember that your clients pay for your services. It is in your best interest to provide them with the job the way it was asked. Do not take personal requests for revision.

4) Turn in your work with your deadlines. We all know what it's expecting something to arrive, only to be disappointed when too late. In the rare instance that you are not able to meet the agreed deadline, be sure to let your clients know as far in advance as possible so you can work together to create positive solutions.

5) Turn on the high quality work. No one likes to pay good money for an inferior product. Your job is your product. If you take a job that matches your skills, and manage your time wisely, you should be able to turn in a superior product every time. Turning in a superior product will virtually ensure that you will be first on the list.


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