Small Business Grants in Oregon

If you are a small business owner in Oregon then you will be pleased to know that there are government resources available to help you and your business. The federal government operates the U.S. Small Business Administration, which is an agency with offices across the country. The office for Oregon is located in Portland.

The staff at SBA offices can provide small business owners with information, advice, and resources relating to a wide range of business issues. The SBA has also been known to offer business loans and grants, although instances of the latter are rare. The SBA insists that any free federal grants are awarded to small businesses that are working to advance science and technology.

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Therefore, the intention of the SBA is to assist and develop industries such as:

  • agriculture
  • transportation
  • health

Full details of the SBA's policy on grants can be seen at Since the SBA favors research and innovation, two programs ensure that only suitable small businesses receive grants. These programs are known as Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer.

Unless your small business meets the criteria set out in these programs you will have to finance it in a different way. The following organizations have offices in Oregon, where staff can inform you of your financing options. They can also offer other useful services, such as entrepreneurial training and business advice.

Business Oregon

Business Oregon is a state agency run by the Oregon Business Development Commission. They provide advice and information to small business owners to promote growth and success. Some of the most important information they provide is on financing a small business. Examples include:

  • The BOOST fund, otherwise known as Building Opportunities for Oregon Small Business Today. This fund awards grants and loans to small businesses in order to generate job creation. Up to $2500 can be awarded for each full time job that is created. Businesses must have fewer than one hundred employees to be eligible for a grant.
  • The State Small Business Credit Initiative, which funds various projects such as the Credit Enhancement Fund, the Oregon Business Development Fund, and the Capital Access Program. In general, these projects improve access to capital for small businesses, in addition to providing tax relief.

Oregon Microenterprise Network

The Oregon Microenterprise Network provides training opportunities and business services for small business owners across the state. It is a complete support network for small business owners, and an essential component is promoting cooperation between businesses using OMEN's proven development strategies.

Main Street Alliance of Oregon

The Main Street Alliance of Oregon is one of a larger network of small business assistance services. The purpose of the project is to unite Oregon small business owners, in order to give them a voice with policy makers on a state and national level. They also provide small business owners with information on issues such as energy, financing, and paying tax.

Oregon Small Business Administration

The Oregon Small Business Administration acts as an information providing resource for small business owners in Oregon. The organization conducts research, lobbies policy makers, and educates small business owners. Of particular interest to the organization are Oregon's business taxes and regulations.

Your Oregon small business could benefit greatly as a result of you making use of the resources listed here. Your improved business skills could result in a more efficiently run business, and greater profitability. Furthermore, if you manage to acquire additional financing then you should be able to successfully expand your business operations.

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