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If you are searching for article marketing tips, you probably are looking into taking your online marketing business to the next level. Article Marketing is a vital component for any advertising plan and it's always wise to prepare your written content before you start.

You must do a careful keyword analysis and you need to get a few choices for that same keyword to choose the most efficient but less competitive one.

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Off course, just writing an article and hoping that people will find it over the internet is definitely not wise marketing. I will provide you with a few article marketing tips so you can increase your traffic as well as your sales.

Article Marketing Tips Quality and Quantity

Be careful with article marketing tips that could be outdated due to Google updates. You don't want to learn old info that doesn't work anymore. The Google Panda/Pinguin updates did have a destructive effect on some articles around the web but the ones that suffered the most we're article directory sites that allowed low quality content material.

You have to put some focus on quality. It doesn't have to be perfect, but don't spam articles that have been spun before and don't make sense. Most article directories with a page rank will have a standard quality guideline. If your articles don't get approved, you will have no backlinks. Additionally, if Google slaps you for a lack of quality, you have wasted your time.

It doesn't take long to double check articles after you spin them. The key is to generate good quality spin content so you can create hundreds or readable articles that would get approved by directories.

Keep in mind that most articles that you submit to directories will never be read unless you submit some of them to high page rank directories like Ezinearticles. Most of your readers will come from your ability to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines.

If you don't rank on the top searches in Google, you have wasted your time again. Another important thing worth of mentioning is the content you create. Don't write content for the fact of quantity. Make sure you have a good message to deliver.

How is this article marketing tips post helping you so far?? Well, let's talk now about some ninja secrets.

Article Marketing Tips Underground Secrets

This is probably the most sacred of all article marketing tips that you will find. Your main article that you will post on your website is the one that you want on top page of Google. To get there, you will need a bunch of other articles that refer back to your original content.

It is impossible for one human being to create thousands of articles in one day; therefore, you are going to need some ninja tools to get it done. You will need an article spinner to avoid duplicate content and software to automate your article submission.

The best tool that I can recommend you for submission is Magic Submitter.

To spin your articles I would recommend the best spinner. It will take some time for you to fully dominate these tools, but it's worth it!!

Article Marketing Tips Maximize Your Conversions

There are a lot of article marketing tips on the web, but very few of them will provide you with true value to integrate with your online business. You need to keep in mind two things, call to action and squeeze pages.

At the end of your articles, you need to have a call to action to direct your readers into your autoresponder. Dont be afraid to ask for it. If you provide great value and your visitors want to hear more from you, they will opt in to your squeeze pages.

A squeeze page is merely a page we're people can give their contact information in exchange of further value being offered. There is an important concept that you need to learn called attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing will help exposing your brand and building an audience. My only hope is that I brought a lot of value to you through this article marketing tips post. Its time to get your business rockin!!

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