Picking a market or "niche"

Picking a market or "niche"..This deserves a little more discussion on research.

This varies greatly from person to person, mainly because everyone has different knowledge of different subjects. Now you do not have to be an expert on a particular market that you are thinking of going into, however maybe you do have some knowledge or experience with a hobby or interest that could prove to be a good market.

If you have picked out a niche, but know little about it, don't worry!

after all this is the internet, and with some skillful searching, you should be able to easily find enough information to put together a product, an information site, auto responder message series, etc.

I will use another example here..I have been a successful motocross racer years ago, and have much knowledge about the sport. I considered writing an e-book series with a video series as well on learning the secrets of motocross from beginner to advanced racers.

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After researching the search traffic and such, I did not feel that there was enough of a market to pursue at this point in time.case in point, not every idea is a winner.

Before you sell to a large group of people, you first must find out what they want and are willing to pay for.

That is why weight loss and health/wellness products are in demand and there is so much competition in these markets.

They are not the only high demand niches in town!..there are thousands upon thousands. Take for example,bowlingyes, bowling. A very popular sport for all ages. There is very decent search traffic and you can break this down into many sub niches..such as, bowling tips for seniorsbeginning bowling for kids.how to throw a hook.the art of picking up spares..and on and on. Each of these topics could be their own product, such as an e-book.

The more exact, or pin point the niche, the more targeted the potential customers will be, and the less the competition will be.

I hope this sheds some light on how to find your market.

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