Structure of the Forex Market

First, we have to understand the major participants what they do, what is their function in this market. When we think about participants, first thing I want to think Interbank that is the heart of the Forex Market. In addition to the interbank, we have Major Corporations who are huge players in Forex. We have Hedge Funds and Institutional Investors who have been trading the Forex market for decades. We have Forex Market Makers who are up-and-coming in the hierarchy of the Forex market and of course we have the Individual Traders.

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What do you think about Interbank. As the world's largest banks that they are trading among each other and buying and selling huge volume of currency, 24 hours a day. That is the heart of the Forex market, that is where most of the volume emanates. So, in the interbank which is not a specific place, but really a loose affiliation of large banks. This is where the spread to the tightest and the volume is the highest. Those who are close to the center, but not quite in the center of this circle would include major corporations who are huge Forex players. Because, frankly they have to be. Let us think a company like General Electric for example, doing business in dozens of countries around the world. They have to be involved in the Forex market by necessity. Because it is a national trade. They are not going to pay their employees in other countries in US dollars. They have to be involved in the Forex market. Think of the big institutional traders, hedge funds and institutional investors. Forex is always been their domain. The reason why is because they trade large large sums of money and the forex market is so big and so liquid that you can place very large waters without disrupting the market itself.

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