12 Customer Service Keys for Successful Social Commerce

Great customer service is the leg that any successful business stands on, and with social commerce, it's even more important, given the emphasis on social engagement and a personalized shopping experience.

Adding social to shopping isn't just about technology and platforms. Its a way of doing business.

Here are 12 ways to build a great social commerce business through your customer service.

Hire right!

Customer service staff should be friendly, caring and equipped with the necessary tools and information to be customer advocates.

Celebrate Successes

Share all great service stories with your team, even the smallest of successes.

Common Courtesy

This is an important building block in customer engagement, since it leads to customer respect, establishing relationships and mutual trust.

Act like you own it!

Care for customers as if you own the company. Pay attention to great leaders and how they deal with customers and employees and then try to emulate it.

Analyze when things go right

Focus on what's working in your company. Next time a customer praises your service, meet to find out what went right and how it can be repeated.

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Be Amazing!

Nobody wants to be average, but not every company delivers, Wow! experiences all of the time. They are just a little better than average, all of the time.

Build Loyal Advocates!

Loyal customers are repeat customers, but they may still buy from your competition. The ultimate loyal customer is a repeat customer that buys what you sell, but only from you, and not your competition.

Use social media!

Enhance your customer service by sending value added messages, creating user groups and doing market research.

God is in the details!

The littlest things sometimes make the biggest impact. Find out what customers enjoy and make it a regular part of doing business with them.

Be consistent!

Inconsistent customer experiences erode loyalty and social commerce, creating uncertainty. Lack of confidence and trust leads to giving customers a reason to consider your competition.

Make it personal!

People do business with people, so socialize your business. Make your customers feel at home with a great location, cool displays, great value and most of all great employees who can make your customers feel welcome and appreciated.

Create a customer service culture

Follow, The Employee Golden Rule, which means you should treat customers the way you want to be treated or maybe even better!

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