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There can be easy and more difficult to manage your email marketing business dependent on which technique you'll decide to use. If you use for example Outlook you have to learn more advanced technique skills then you need to know when you use AWeber autoresponder services.

The technology can easily become both your best friend and your biggest problem when you work with the newsletter by e-mail. There are horror stories (unfortunately true) about big companies that send out newsletters in which the images are not possible to reach, for businesses that have used the older so-called mailing lists, and suffered a lot of problems.

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How to Deal With It?

There is much to keep in mind to ensure you a smooth, cost effective and safe to handle your newsletter. Today there are many different solutions of varying quality for subscriber management, design, delivery and evaluation of the newsletter via email. As with many other IT services will vary, quality, price and support of situations and it can definitely be worth your time to read a little more before choosing the solution.

The one we use and which we recommend is AWeber. We have used it for a long while now and are satisfied with all their services.

With AWeber you'll able to:

  • Create good looking squeeze pages and subscription boxes.
  • Use already designed email templates.
  • Create multiple lists.
  • And much more

One of the issues that become relevant in recent times relating to emails that incorrectly been recorded as spam. Sure, nobody likes spam, but in their quest to eliminate this misery, some anti-spam programs simply are over ambitious and sometimes even delete legitimate e-mail and customized newsletters. Be sure to choose a provider who is knowledgeable in this area that can help you onto the right side of the spam threshold, even from a technical perspective. The ways there are many, but most often in advance to test how likely you are to a specific message "stick". This is important information for you who want to be sure of reaching your recipients.

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Other aspects to consider are, of course, capacity, support, reliability and how well the solution fits your needs. Take some time to get a presentation of the solutions that you think is interesting, but do not forget to carefully read the fine print. I have more than once seen examples of companies that have become locked into costly solutions because the supplier demanded exorbitant sums of money (or in one case even refused) to send information about subscribers' email addresses to the publisher.

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